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Meg and the Freeloaders

From the acoustic, folk-tinged “Galaxies” to the quirky pop of “Digital Rendezvous” and the driving rock of “Tame...Meg And The Freeloaders showcase the diversity of their melodic indie rock with undeniably catchy tunes that’ll get your feet tapping along in no time.

The collaboration between longtime friends Meg (singer / songwriter Meghan McRae) and The Freeloaders (guitarist Dave Friedlander, bassist Jim Feek and drummer Marc Fox) began when Meg suggested to Dave that they play an open mic night together in early 2018.

It didn’t take long before plans were made to put a full band together and get up on stage, going from strength to strength having already played a great number of gigs in Surrey.

In October 2018 Meg & The Freeloaders entered the studio to record five tracks that defined their new sound. 2019 sees the band gigging wherever and whenever they can, (most recently the Surbiton Food Festival, Hampton Wick Big Picnic, Middlesex Food Festival). 

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